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Where Caring and Calling Come Together

“Seek the welfare of the city…for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”

FPWA serves as a critical resource for New York City's Protestant faith community. We began providing services to churches in 1937 through our "church desk" as an informal way to link faith-based social service programs to the city's infrastructure. Today, our faith-based services and activities have expanded to include training and information services, capacity building, technical assistance, and strategies for fund development. We also work with churches and other faith-based service providers to bring an informed and focused Protestant voice to major social service issues at the city, state, and federal levels. This broad range of services helps our members and affiliates operate with increasing effectiveness as change agents and social service providers in the city's most underserved communities.

Protestant churches and faith-based agencies are traditional providers of social services, and we have helped them develop, expand and improve the quality of programs and services they bring to their communities. As the federal government continues to encourage faith-based organizations to provide basic services such as child care, nutrition programs, and housing support, the role of our faith-based services will become even more important. Bolstered by the advice and support of the Jeremiah Council, a senior level advisory group, we seek to enable churches and faith-based agencies to develop responsive and effective social service ministries, and encourage these organizations to serve as catalysts for healthy community transformation.

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Director, Faith Based Initiatives
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