CLD Visiting Professionals (ViPs)

The Center for Leadership Development's Visiting Professionals (ViPs) are renowned trainers, professors, and consultants with cutting edge strategies and proven track records of success. Access to ViPs, not only provides an advanced arena for training and studying, but it also affords participants an opportunity to build their professional networks and utilize these relationships as they expand their leadership roles throughout New York City.




Manendra Bhugra

Manager of Learning & Development
Corporate Counseling Associates Inc.
Workshop Facilitator, Ready to Lead




Tom Diamante

Executive Vice President
Corporate Counseling Associates Inc.
Coaching Consultant, Ready to Lead




Marti Fischer

Marti Fischer Group
Facilitator, Speak with Purpose




Monica Levy

Facilitator, Classrooms in Motion




Victoria Sammartino

Voices Unbroken
Facilitator, Ready to Lead

Don Waisanen CLD Facilitator




Don Waisanen

Founder and President
Communication Upward
Guest Presenter, Speak with Purpose