About Leading Through Change

Nonprofit organizations, large and small, look to answer the daily call of creating and sustaining organizations that are impactful, on-mission, and well run. While that call is fulfilling, it is often also challenging and has been intensified by the pandemic, a series of national and governmental crises, and needed calls for equity and racial justice, inclusion, and belonging. Aligning internal and external teams to serve a common vision, building the internal skills and processes needed to deliver services and navigating Board and external relationships are essential to moving organizations through these pivotal times and also take time and expertise.

The Leading through Change: Using Change Management to Accomplish Strategic Goals webinar series helps organizations continue to answer the call.

It will examine leadership from the perspective of alignment and change management as the sector rises up to face, arguably, a once-in-a-lifetime shift filled with:

  • Unprecedented challenges simultaneously impacting individuals and organizations
  • Changing funding structures and a diverse set of partners and;
  • Broader social impact goals that are critical to successfully delivering on-mission

Leading through Change will work through the tools needed for your organization to remain viable, building change management capabilities to understand not only what to begin doing today but how prior practice may need to change or cease as well.

Based on survey data, the series examines 3 essential organizational capabilities—the ability to:

  1. Manage change through a financial lens
  2. Change and adapt processes
  3. Be the change in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion

Topic by topic, we will begin with large-group webinars that will present concepts of change and how they apply to the selected theme. Next, small-group case studies will examine real world scenarios and present specific tools to address the challenges presented—essentially a deeper dive into the topic. Finally, in the BIPOC Leadership Series (3 sessions) we will address the topics through the lens of BIPOC leadership.
PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and application is required. Additional details and the application can be found below.