March 26, 2019 under Posts

BoardWorks: Board Development Training Closing Session

The Center for Leadership Development at FPWA completed its inaugural BoardWorks: Board Development Training on March 20 with a closing session and 6-month check-in to gauge progress.

Launched in fall 2018, BoardWorks is a training program for nonprofit leaders and their board members. Utilizing a cohort model, staff and board members explored strategies for successfully engaging in a cohesive unit and worked toward creating and implementing board action plans guided by social justice values that incorporated vision for long-term social change.

BoardWorks sessions addressed topics including:

  • Understanding Your Board
  • Principles of Service
  • Creating a Pitch for Your Organization
  • Making a Successful Ask

In addition to full-group sessions, BoardWorks participants worked one-on-one with a coach to address nuanced organizational & board issues to advance their work.

Organizations represented in the cohort were:

  • Allen Women’s Resource Center
  • Alliance for Positive Change
  • Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, Inc.
  • Children’s Haven:  A Place of Healing & Hope, Inc.
  • Chinese-American Planning Council
  • Holcombe Rucker Community League Inc.
  • SHE Wins Inc.

Congratulations to the participants!  We are proud of the ways your engagement with your boards has evolved as a result of this work.


“All aspects have been equally beneficial and have given us a sold foundation for continued board development.”  Rev. Dr. Patricia Sealy, CEO, Children’s Haven:  A Place of Healing & Hope, Inc.

“The personal stories and the tools the facilitator provided to help move us to the next level [have been the most beneficial to our board].”  June Andrews-Henderson, Board Member, Allen Women’s Resource Center

“The aspect of BoardWorks that has been most beneficial to my board is the entire training.  It has made things clear [as] to what and how we need to run the [organization].  Alan White, Executive Director, Holcombe Rucker Community League, Inc.

“Feeling empowered!”  Ernest Booth, Board Member, Children’s Haven:  A Place of Healing & Hope, Inc.

For more information about CLD, please contact Program Manager Nakia Johnson.