Leadership Development

The Center for Leadership Development provides trainings and technical assistance to non-profits to develop skilled and talented staff, and strengthen their overall ability to effectively impact the growing and changing needs of the low income communities they serve.

Current Offerings:
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The 2019-20 cohort of the Crowned & Courageous: Women of Color Network will hold its last meeting in June. We want to recognize and thank this year’s mentors. They’re all amazing, accomplished women who partnered with nearly 30 women of color who work in the nonprofit sector. They’re integral to the success of this program.


You can learn more about them here.


FPWA’s Center for Leadership Development created the Crowned & Courageous: Women of Color Network to create a space for women of color in the nonprofit sector to strengthen competencies in areas where discrepancies have been identified – this includes access to mentors. The cohort meets monthly to strengthen leadership skills and delve into important topics including invisibility, networking, multidirectional managing as well as race, whiteness, and privilege.


If you have any questions, please contact Senior Advisor and Director of Special Initiatives, Tiffany O’Neal.


You may view a list of CLD’s past opportunities by clicking here.