Financial Assistance for Aging Adults program


For more than 25 years, FPWA has provided financial assistance to aging adults (66+) in NYC to help ensure their economic stability and well-being.  

The Financial Assistance for Aging Adults program primarily provides ongoing monthly contributions toward rent paid directly to a landlord or property management company. In some cases, there may also be payment assistance for utilities (paid directly to the utility company). Finally, the program allows all participants to request “as-needed” funding for emergency or essential needs related to their individual well-being. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation costs, social/recreational program fees, or necessary health and household-related items. 

For more information on the program, click here to download our one-pager.


  • Must be at least 66+ years of age.  

  • Must breferred by a Social WorkerCase Manager, or Advocate from an FPWA member agency. 

  • Must be a current NYC resident, with a residency history of at least years. 

  • Must demonstrate financial need

*See our Eligibility Self-Checklist below for additional baseline eligibility requirements



  • FPWA will only accept applications via referral, made by a case manager, Social Worker, or other FPWA member-agency advocate on behalf of the potential applicant. We cannot accept applications directly from individuals.

  • Before referring a client to the Financial Aid for Aging Adults program, member agency staff/advocates should complete the Eligibility Self-Checklist.

  • If the client fits all criteria on the Eligibility Self-Checklist, then the referring advocate can proceed with the formal application and submit required documentation in partnership with the client/applicant.

  • If there are more eligible applicants than there are openings during a defined referral/application window, selection will be based on the following priorities:

Amount needed to achieve economic stability vs. the amount FPWA can provide. FPWA will prioritize those cases in which we can provide long-term economic stability rather than immediate crisis resolution or cases in which the available level of funding does not close the need-gap.

Alignment with the “Recipient Profile” as outlined in the eligibility section. In line with FPWA’s mission and our program funder’s original intention, we will prioritize those with long-term and meaningful experience in the public, non-profit, and/or anti-poverty space. We will also give special consideration to those with current or past systems involvement.

Location of residence. FPWA will give priority to those living in NYC community districts with the highest rates of poverty, both currently and historically.



For any questions, please contact Manager of Program Grants, Gilda Flores, at