March 30, 2016 under Posts

Final Push for a $15 Min Wage

The #15andFunding Campaign Needs Your Help to Ensure a $15 Min Wage!

FPWA has been co-leading the #15andFunding Campaign, along with our partners at the Fiscal Policy Institute and the Human Services Council.  The Campaign aims to express nonprofit support for the $15 minimum wage and to advocate for the necessary funding for human services and Medicaid funded workers As you know, it aims to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour and to get the State to invest in necessary funding for the nonprofit sector to pay this wage increase.  As State budget negotiations draw to a close, we must continue to make sure that nonprofit voices are heard:  We support the minimum wage, and the state must invest the necessary funding!

If you live in New York State, we encourage you to take part in the following actions as we’ll need all hands on deck in the days leading up to April 1st:

Email your Senator!

250 people have already emailed—let’s keep the pressure on!  Please take a couple minutes (literally, that’s all you need) and complete this form to email your Senator.  Feel free to personalize the pre-populated message to explain why nonprofits are important to your community, how you are connected to them, and/or what a minimum wage would mean for you.

Call your Senator!

You can quickly and easily find your Senator and their Albany office phone number by clicking here.  Call their office and let them know that, as a constituent, you would like to express your support for the $15 minimum wage and the needed funding investment to ensure that nonprofits can continue to deliver essential services.

Keep Tweeting!

We are also taking to social media to make sure our message is heard—use any and all of the suggested tweets below, use the infographics and worker stories found on our Facebook page, or get creative and make your own!  Make sure to use the hashtag #15andFunding and to follow us and retweet at @15andFundingNY.  Some great targets for the week are @NYGovCuomo, @LeaderFlanagan, @JeffKleinNY, and @CarlEHeastie, but feel free to target your own representatives, thank those who have been supportive, and pressure those who have opposed the minimum wage increase.


twitter-iconSome suggested tweets:

  • We support the #minwage for all! Human services + Medicaid funded workers should be included and funded #15andFunding
  • Allow all NYers to reach their potential – include human services + Medicaid funded workers in #minwage increase #15andFunding
  • The bottom line: #15andFunding will enable higher living standards for 500k+ human services + Medicaid funded workers in NY
  • Raising #minwage for nonprofit workers will help strengthen communities & lift people out of poverty #15andFunding
  • #15andFunding would benefit nonprofit wrkrs and NY communities w/ no adverse impact on employment or profits
  • NYS should increase contracts & raise Medicaid reimbursements so ALL wrkrs covered by needed #minwage increase #15andFunding
  • $15 #minwage for human svcs + Medicaid funded wrkrs means progress – provides support for themselves & families #15andFunding

If you can only do one thing, please do number 1 and send an email to your State Senator.  Please feel free to reach out to Mallory Nugent with questions or concerns! Thank you!