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On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, FPWA presented a total of $24,000 in scholarships to highly deserving New York college students at its annual College Scholarship awards breakfast. Each young adult was awarded a $2,000 scholarship to be applied towards his/her 2016-2017 fall and spring semester fees. All were juniors and seniors who were selected for their individual abilities to excel despite challenging circumstances.

The 2016 college scholarship recipients included:

  • Alexander Philip Torbov, CUNY Baruch College – Close to completing a B.A. in Business and Finance, Alexander’s entrepreneurial fire initially took hold in high school when he invested earnings from a part-time restaurant job to fund a cafeteria sandwich-making business. Alexander founded a business entrepreneurship club at Baruch and is now interning at MasterCard to help expand their New York City TechHub. Referred by Henry Street Settlement.
  • Demetrius Johnson, New York University – A young man who has grown up in foster care, including placements in 30 foster homes and a broken adoption, Demetrius just graduated from St. John’s University with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. This fall he will transfer to New York University to pursue a B.A. in Politics. He aspires to attend law school and become an elected official to help reform the foster care system for future generations. Demetrius was referred by Edwin Gould Services for Children & Families.
  • Bibi Morium, CUNY Baruch College –Bibi has fought stereotypes that a woman’s worth is only in the home. Through the support of the Henry Street Settlement, she is currently interning at Alliance Bernstein to pursue her interest in economics. Bibi’s scholarship will enable her to pursue future study and bring benefit to the daughters of future generations fighting culturally-ingrained gender stereotypes. Referred by Henry Street Settlement.
  • Yuan Chen, SUNY New Paltz – Yuan entered the foster care system during her sophomore year in high school, a challenging experience that has shaped her identity in ways she had not anticipated. FPWA’s scholarship will help her complete her final two years of study at SUNY. Referred by Forestdale, Inc.
  • Raymi Echavarria, CUNY Hunter College – As a first-generation college student, Raymi aspires to pursue a career helping her to enable young people, particularly in low-income and underserved communities, get access to much-needed resources. She currently studies sociology and public policy and hopes to one day work in a position to influence education policy on a large scale. Referred by Cypress Hills Local Dev. Corp.
  • Neha Basnet, Brooklyn College – Neha immigrated to America from Nepal when she was five years old. After becoming aware of the large-scale issues of sex trafficking, she felt inspired to make a difference in the lives of other young Nepalese women not afforded the same opportunities. During her senior year of high school, she ordered dozens of pieces of handmade jewelry from Nepal to sell in her community to raise $300 to sponsor a young Nepalese girl’s schooling. She is currently pursuing a career in nursing and hopes to one day return to Nepal to mentor young women. Referred by Goddard Riverside Community.
  • Desire Nizigama, Stony Brook University – Desire’s experiences growing up in Burundi and Central Africa have inspired him to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in medicine, specifically in the area of female & reproductive health, so that he can return home and help others in need.  His family currently lives on public assistance and FPWA’s grant will allow him to fund a college degree.  Referred by Goddard Riverside Community.
  • Alexus Murray, John Jay College – Alexus attends John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Currently a senior, she balances her studies with two jobs and caring for her mother. The scholarship will allow her to finance the rest of her schooling. Referred by Goddard Riverside Community.
  • Jhoel Peguero, Lehman College – Jhoel’s family came to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Inspired by the will and strong determination of his mother, Jhoel has overcome his own personal struggles and is pursuing a higher education with the goal of attaining a Master’s degree in Social Work. Referred by Hudson Guild.
  • Xue Lin, Hunter College – Chinese immigrant Xue transferred from the State University at Buffalo to Hunter College, because of her love for language and education. As a history major and Chinese minor, she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in education and one day be a primary school teacher. Referred by Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Aderys Adames, Queens College – Born in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, Aderys parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic to grant her access to new opportunities. Aderys currently studies at CUNY Queens College. She currently serves as a College Bridge Coach with Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation (CHLDC), working to guide college bound seniors from her old neighborhood through their college application process. Her work with the CHLDC has taught her the power of community residents to affect change despite societal barriers. Referred by Cypress Hills Local Dev. Corp.
  • Larissa Jimenez, SUNY Old Westbury – Larissa grew up in Queens, New York and attended Brooklyn Lab School for high school. A rigorous college readiness program helped her ultimately get accepted into Ithaca College and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Program. Due to financial hardship and a high number of student loans, Larissa transferred to SUNY Old Westbury, where she is now working to finish a degree in Media and Communications. Referred by Cypress Hills Local Dev. Corp.



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