November 7, 2018 under Posts

Midterm Elections: The groundwork of ensuring economic opportunity and dignity for all must accelerate

(New York, NY) Yesterday, we witnessed an important election. Americans turned out to the polls to cast their votes for representatives who they believe will stand for the interests of their communities. Women, minorities, and LGBTQ candidates all made history by running for office in the House, Senate, and governorship. These candidates sought to galvanize and inspire their communities, and beyond, to affect change. At a time when efforts to suppress the voting rights of low-income communities and communities of color are rampant, these were hard battles fought by fearless leaders. We congratulate those who won their races.

Now, with the election behind us, the groundwork of ensuring economic opportunity and dignity for all must accelerate. We cannot accept the status quo knowing that more than 40 million Americans are living in poverty, yet threats to weaken our safety net loom. We cannot sit idly by while hateful rhetoric and anti-immigrant policies rip families, and our country, apart. We must reverse the tide of funneling black and brown people into a broken criminal justice system. Moreover, we must advocate for and institute a health care system that prioritizes health and humanity over profits. Now is the time for accountability from our elected officials, not complacency. There’s too much at stake.

At FPWA, we are dedicated to the demanding work that lies ahead, with a commitment to an economic system that enables people to sustain themselves, their families and their communities, and eliminates the injustices and disparities that create and perpetuate poverty.

Click here for details on the 2018 New York State midterm election results.