Faith Based Advocacy Trainings

Advocacy Academy

Faith leaders, organization members, staff and congregational leaders are a force that cannot be surpassed in bringing solutions to the community. Faith based organizations, big and small, must tap into their collective power, develop ways to impact the most vulnerable and seek out approaches that can bring resources to the people, while also having an impact on policy and services.

Our Advocacy Academy training is committed to increasing the effectiveness of the work of faith leaders and organizations throughout NYC with methods and strategies needed to effectively engage local and state government and grant makers. Well organized, solution-oriented and educated advocates can play a critical role in helping to ensure our communities thrive.

The curriculum covers topics such as:

  • The role of faith based institutions in the community
  • The responsibilities of elected officials
  • The nuts and bolts of research and organizing…and more

During the concluding session, participants give brief presentations on projects they developed to improve their communities. Certificates of Achievement are awarded to all participants who successfully complete the course. FPWA offers continued support for participants during the first year of the launch of their project to help maximize its success.

Faith and Justice Fellowship

In 2014, FPWA launched the Faith & Justice Fellowship program, in collaboration with the New York Theological Seminary (NYTS). The Fellowship program aims to provide select faith leaders with an enhanced set of tools that will enable them to be more effective advocates on behalf of those most in need and to help promote New York City as a place of equal opportunity for all. Participants receive high quality leadership skills training in environmental assessment, strategic planning, community organizing, and public advocacy. This program is designed for faith leaders who are interested in assuming the mantle of prophetic witness, becoming more effective public advocates, and being catalysts for positive change while working with FPWA to build a city of equal opportunity.