This page contains information for FPWA staff use to reach out to member agencies and place phone calls to conduct the below survey.

Please the forms below to capture information, stories, pain points, concerns, messages and issues that you are hearing from members, partners and allies in the course of your work.

Dashboard of Real-Time Data

Pivot Table of Issues Presenting by Date

Chart of Issues Presenting by Type of Agency

Inquiries by Council District

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# of Outreach Calls

Demographics of Respondents

Sample Intro Script
Hi (First Name of Contact). I'm (Your First Name) from FPWA. I'm calling doing an organizational wellness check; we have been hearing from members and partners concerning challenges being faced amid COVID and want to be sure we know the latest as we talk with city and state officials to address the continuing issues as expeditiously as possible.

Key questions to consider in your conversation are:
* To what extent has COVID impacted ability to carry out mission
* How has it affected programming, operations, services?
* What support or resources do you need during this time?
* What questions or concerns do you have that are going unmet/unanswered?

Member Agency Contact Information

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