September 18 – Power Shift: Casting off racism to create transformative change

There’s a new urgency to the question: How do we advance anti-racist policies and practices when we work within a racist system?

Human services nonprofits, government agencies, philanthropies and the courts are dedicated to creating equal opportunity for all people. Yet racist policies and attitudes inside our organizations effectively block this goal and create harm.

FPWA is committed to helping meet this challenge. We’re convening a two-hour virtual event entitled: Power Shift: Casting off racism to create transformative change. We’re seeking an open and honest discussion about the changes we must make to build true and lasting racial equity and power sharing into every aspect of our work. We’re inviting human services staff, leaders, and board members, philanthropic individuals and organizations, government staff and leaders, policy influencers, and the general public to join the conversation on September 18, 2020 from 10 AM to 12PM.

Our first hour will examine how different actors – nonprofits, community-based organizations, government, philanthropy, the courts – have all played roles in creating and sustaining the racist systems within which we work and live. Our second hour will be a lively roundtable conversation with human services nonprofit leaders reflecting on how systemic racism, as discussed by the first panel, play out in the day-to-day practices of human services organizations.

Meet the Panelists

First Hour Panel

  • Jennifer Jones Austin, Moderator, CEO & Executive Director, FPWA
  • Deputy Mayor J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives, City of New York
  • Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson, Executive Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation USA & FPWA Board Member
  • Ana L. Oliveira, President & CEO, The New York Women’s Foundation
  • Ronald E. Richter, Esq., Chief Executive Officer, JCCA

Second Hour Panel

  • Anne Williams-Isom, Esq., Moderator, James R. Dumpson Chair, Child Welfare Studies, Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Services
  • Jess Dannhauser, President & CEO, Graham Windham
  • Felipe A. Franco, Senior Fellow for Young Adult Practice, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Keith Little, President & CEO, SCO Family of Services
  • Dr. Danielle R. Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Scholars
  • Dr. Jocelynne Rainey, President & CEO, Getting Out and Staying Out

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