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Restore Opportunity Now Campaign Response to NYS Budget for Human Services

Restore Opportunity Now Campaign Response to
Governor Cuomo’s  State of the State Address  on behalf of the Human Services Sector

“In his Executive Budget, Governor Cuomo laid out many progressive proposals, including the expansion of Universal Pre-Kindergarten and Afterschool, and addressing homelessness and the opioid epidemic, all with the very worthy goal of increasing opportunity for individuals and families. However, the Executive Budget, while acknowledging the importance of the human services programs we run, provides little in the way of strengthening the organizations and the sector responsible for helping lift families out of poverty and serves as a vital employer to thousands across the State. Ensuring services to meet community needs, addressing issues of recruitment and retention, and covering the full costs of providing services while innovating and improving, are all increasingly challenging for the under-resourced sector. We urge Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to stand with us and communities in need by investing in the sector that strengthens our State every day.” – Restore Opportunity Now Campaign.

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