Request for Proposal – Programmatic/Policy Design and Evaluation


FPWA invites you to submit a proposal, in accordance with the attached Request for Proposal, to deliver programmatic/policy design and evaluation services. FPWA envisions creating a clear Outcomes Measurement and Management Framework to guide and support the development of our programmatic, policy and engagement work.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) provides interested independent consultants and firms with sufficient information to enable them to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by FPWA for programmatic/policy design and evaluation services. The services include, but are not limited to, working alongside FPWA to define clear long-term outcomes and outcome statements for each issue areas it seeks to engage in with necessary performance indicators, creation of a monitoring and evaluation framework, and, assistance and support in programmatic and policy initiative design.

All interested proposers can find instructions in the attached Request for Proposal and at the web address listed (

A single electronic copy of your proposal should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the RFP instructions and delivered to FPWA’s attention by email to by June 7, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. EST.

Click here to download the RFP Guidelines

Questions & Answers

  • Is it possible to receive any prior evaluative activity that has occurred during implementation of the new programmatic and policy initiative work?
    • Prior assessment work and data will be available for review upon engagement as needed to inform efforts moving forward.
  • Will deliverables for this engagement include on-going support for staff and board implementation of the evaluation plan? 
    • On-going support for staff and board implementation of evaluation plan can be proposed as they would speak to the desired work defined on Page 3 as follows: “Assistance and support in programmatic and policy initiative design including creating the plans, tools and templates needed to effectively implement our new programmatic and policy initiative work.”
  • What is the timeline of FPWA’s new strategic direction of FPWA?
    • FPWA anticipates that it will be implementing work related to its new strategic direction over the course of calendar years 19, 20 and 21.
  • To what degree have the program or policy staff worked with developing logic models/theories of change before?
    • Experience with development and implementation of logic models and theories of change varies. Respondent should assume that level-setting the purpose and utilization of these approaches/models as part of the “assistance and support” detailed on Page 3.
  • Who will Respondents work with at FPWA to implement the desired scope of work?
    • FPWA anticipates defining the composition of the evaluation planning committee based upon the nature of the scope of work proposed by respondents. This body would likely include members of FPWA’s leadership team and its Program & Policy Board committee.
  • Is FPWA’s Federal Funds Tracker considered to be a program or a policy initiative?
    • FPWA’s Federal Funds Tracker is considered a policy initiative.