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What We Do For Members

  • Effectively advocate for policies and programs aimed at removing barriers to economic security and upward mobility as well as strengthening human services and faith organizations 
  • Strengthen organizational capacity through grants, management consultation, professional development, employee assistance, volunteer placement, and much more

  • Connect members to our extended network of policymakers, legislators, and other human service and faith-based organizations

  • Help member agencies to support communities–through scholarships and stipends, financial support, and donations

  • Provide discounted rates for state-of-the-art conference center space for member convenings, conferences and meetings


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FPWA executes a focused policy agenda aimed dismantling the systemic barriers that impede economic security and well-being through research and advocacy to effect structural policy change

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FPWA strengthens member agencies and other human services and faith organizations with technical assistance, training and capacity building that aims to increase the capacity of community and faith based organizations by strengthening leadership skills, organizational and program management, and civic engagement

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FPWA operates a number of programs that provide its member agencies and partners with resources needed to address the needs of their clients and communities.

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