The Center for Leadership Development’s Past Opportunities

The Center for Leadership Development (CLD) at FPWA aims to increase the capacity of community and faith based organizations by strengthening leadership skills, organizational and program management, and civic engagement. 
Here is a listing of past professional development trainings:

Courageous Conversations Conference 2019

This year, we expanded the conversation of trauma-informed care from individuals and communities to nonprofit organizations. As nonprofits, we explored the often-unseen ways that trauma and poverty play out in mission-driven work and, together, identify opportunities to be sustainable and transformative.

Attendees had an opportunity to:

• Define organizational trauma and its broad impact
• Understand the internal cycle of trauma and poverty and how to address it
• Discover additional ways to bring trauma-informed approaches to your work
• Approach ways to begin the conversation of trauma and poverty in your organization

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Learn more about our new learning community for women of color working within the nonprofit sector here.

Working Effectively With Your Board

BoardWorks, a three-month training program for nonprofit leaders and their board members. Staff and board members will explore strategies for successfully communicating with your board, defining expectations with your board, crafting a pitch for your organization, and making a successful ask. Participants will work toward creating and implementing a personal action plan that is guided by social justice values and incorporates a vision for long-term social change.


Courageous Conversations Leadership Development Series





This leadership development series supports community and faith leaders in deepening their understanding of trauma-informed care, incorporating and modeling trauma-responsive practices into their service delivery model, and working more holistically to create healthy and sustainable communities.

In 2018, Courageous Conversations worked with organizations and participants to create a shared framework and understanding of the long-term impact and chronic trauma of poverty on impoverished communities. Through deeper conversations over the period of three months, we will explore the historical and cultural determinants on women of color, nonprofit organizations, and the faith community.


Courageous Conversations Conference

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, FPWA held its second annual Courageous Conversations Conference to address the chronic trauma of poverty and injustice in low-income communities. The conference helped to support community and faith leaders in deepening their understanding of trauma-informed care and their role in creating healthier and sustainable communities.

Breakout sessions included:

  • Faith Leaders: Healing the Healers
  • Nonprofit Staff: Nonprofit Resiliency
  • Women of Color: At Work & in the World

Check out photos from the conference here.



Leaders Grow Together Executive Leadership Mentoring Program

2017 LEADERS GROW TOGETHER-1This year-long program harnesses the expertise of seasoned Executive Directors in the social services field. Our team of Executive Directors will serve as mentors to new and emerging Executive Directors and senior leadership of FPWA’s member agencies. Mentors will support non-profit leaders in strengthening leadership practices, and developing organizational work plans. Grounded in strategic thought processes and experiential learning, leaders will emerge with clear methods to address organizational sustainability and community impact.




Courageous Conversations Conference 2017

On May 17, 2017, our Courageous Conversations: The Culture of Nonprofits and Trauma Informed Service Delivery conference provided a platform for a fearless and intentional conversation about the impact of trauma and poverty in our communities. We also discussed the capacity to embed trauma informed strategies into the core practices of social service organizations.

*Check out photos from the conference here.

Fundraising for Social Impact

Fundraising-for-Social-Impact-FlyerThis three-month training program is tailored for nonprofit leaders. Fundraising professionals will explore traditional and nontraditional fundraising strategies and learn to think strategically about ways to expand resources for their organizations. Participants will work towards creating and implementing a fundraising plan that is guided by social justice values and incorporates a vision for long-term social change.

*All participants will receive one hour of individual coaching at no additional cost.

Resilient Communities Cohort: Strategies for Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods

Resilient Communities Cohort: Strategies for Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods is a five month program that supports faith and community leaders to help clarify systemic issues and generate innovative solutions. Participants receive one hour of individualized coaching at no additional cost.

Bronx Leadership Conference

FPWA’s Center for Leadership Development, in partnership with The Office of the Bronx Borough President and The Center for Bronx Nonprofits, brought Bronx nonprofits together for our first leadership conference Thursday, November 3, 2016. We discussed growing our leadership in the current environment, effective strategies for serving changing communities, the dynamics of community engagement, funding, building strategic partnerships, capacity building and creating transformative experiences.

*Check out photos from the conference here.

Classrooms in Motion: Creating Positive Environments

This is a two-month program for early childhood educators. Each month, participants attend a skills-building workshop that is tailored to help meet requirements outlined in the Common Core Standards. These workshops will provide participants with an opportunity to brainstorm new strategies, test out ideas already covered, and allow for feedback and support. This experience helps to reinforce the vision of creating classrooms that inspire children to learn and educators to lead with confidence.

Fall 2016 topics included: Concept Design and Instructional Learning, Successful Integration and Art and Movement.



The difference between good employees and great employees is that their managers take an active part in their development. We talk a lot about the performance review but not so much about all the dialogues and actions that should be happening throughout the year. How do you access growth potential in an employee and how do you capitalize upon it? How do you move an underachiever or an over-dependent employee towards success and independence? Learn about the important role you play as a manager and gain helpful strategies in moving employees from good (or not so good) to great!

Speak with Purpose

Our three month Communications Cohort Series, Speak with Purpose, serves to enhance your effectiveness as a communicator, increase your individual leadership skills, and work towards improving the visibility of your organization.

Classrooms in Motion, Spring 2016

CLD offers a three-month program for early childhood educators that provides opportunities to enhance classroom management skills and promote imaginative interactions. 

Ready to Lead Management Training Program

CLD’s leadership development program for senior level professionals is designed to prepare participants for executive leadership within their organization. They will enhance their skills, define their personal style, and clarify their vision for sustainable leadership.

Fundraising Executive Certificate Program

CLD launched the Fundraising Executive Certificate Program in 2015. Developed in collaboration with FPWA and the Baruch School of Public Affairs, the certificate program offers a unique and affordable opportunity to our membership. During the course of the ten-week program, participants will strengthen communication and develop strategies for building funding relationships. Upon completion of the program participants will be equipped to leverage these skills to increase resources and capacity within their organizations.

Please contact Aleciah Anthony, Member Outreach Coordinator for questions concerning our Center for Leadership Development.