Vaccine Education and Outreach in Black Communities

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On July 26, Governor Cuomo announced the allocation of $15 million to address vaccine hesitancy and promote vaccination in communities across New York State that were hardest-hit by the Covid-19 epidemic.

FPWA was awarded $5.5 million of the $15 million to support vaccine education and outreach across the state, specifically in Black communities. This funding will support our following efforts:

  • We organized 30-40 statewide train-the-trainer town halls to provide tutorials on how to engage with communities on the latest information about the virus, testing and the vaccine, and to help them strategize on engagement strategies.
  • We offered 40 to 60 grants to New York City-based community-based and faith organizations in areas with the greatest need to support Covid-19 vaccine outreach, education, and access assistance.
  • We directly reached out to Black New Yorkers through phone calls and texts to answer questions, address misinformation, and provide help identifying vaccination appointments.
  • We conducted a statewide targeted media campaign centered on vaccine awareness.

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