A Message to our Members: We’re Here for You

Our communities, and all our FPWA member organizations, are living through an unprecedented time. As COVID-19 spreads, so does panic. Understandably so.

If never before the 8 million New Yorkers recognized the critical role human services nonprofits play in the life of our city, then today, they’re learning fast. Here in New York City, there are hundreds of nonprofits caring daily for young and old people, and everyone in between.

They provide meals, managed care, early childcare and early education coupled with a watchful eye for little ones, programs for young people with daily challenges, shelter for homeless persons, meals for the elderly, services for people who struggle with depression and other mental health issues, and more. They are run by caring people who wish they could stay home and ride out the virus, but they can’t.

These programs can’t and won’t shut their doors because their communities need them. Families of the people they care for need them. For example, parents of children in childcare centers, especially subsidized centers, often have jobs where they get paid only if they work. For others, paid sick leave is available but limited. They rely on these programs to stay open.

FPWA continues to work closely with HSC and allies to represent the sector’s interests, sharing information and raising critical concerns and questions coming from nonprofits and the faith community to our partners in government.

We at FPWA continue to appreciate all that you are doing and the many personal sacrifices you are making in this time of crisis. We have been hearing from you concerning the challenges you face and we will continue to work with city and state officials to address them as expeditiously as possible.

FPWA staff will be reaching out to check-in with you to learn of any continuing concerns, questions and issues going unaddressed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at members@fpwa.org.

We’ll continue to share updates and resources as pertinent.

Thank you for all that you do.

Jennifer Jones Austin
CEO & Executive Director