About Us

Mission: FPWA promotes the social and economic well-being of greater New York’s most vulnerable by advocating for just public policies and strengthening human services organizations.

Who We Are

FPWA is an anti-poverty policy and advocacy organization committed to economic opportunity and upward mobility. Having a prominent New York presence for nearly 100 years, FPWA has long served New York City’s social service sector, providing grants to help individuals and families meet their basic needs, and advocating for fair public policies on behalf of people in need and the agencies that serve them. FPWA’s member network of more than 170 faith and community-based organizations reaches more than 1.5 million people in New York’s communities each year. Read more HERE.

FPWA strengthens low-income communities, eliminates barriers to upward mobility, and fights entrenched poverty by fostering economic equity in three critical ways:

1. Creating Groundbreaking Change

FPWA addresses the historical, structural, and institutional inequities that continue to foster cycles of poverty and prevent low-income individuals and communities of color from moving up the economic ladder. rooted in our communities and in the corridors of power, FPWA’s policy and program work aims to dismantle systemic barriers and harmful policies and drive large-scale policy change to promote economic opportunity and inclusion for low- income communities.

Examples of FPWA in Action

• Fiscal Policy Analysis and Advocacy

• Legislative Advocacy

• Criminal Justice Advocacy

• Support for older Adults

• human Services Sector investments

• Workforce development

2. Supporting Nonprofits from the Ground Up

Nonprofits and faith institutions are often the first line of defense in combatting poverty by providing critical services to our hardest-to-reach residents. Recognizing this vital role, FPWA works to strengthen the capacity of human service agencies and faith institutions through workshops and trainings in leadership development, organizational management, and civic engagement. In equipping agency leadership and staff with the skills and tools to empower their communities, FPWA inspires change and helps lead critical conversations centered on advocacy and equity.

Examples of FPWA in Action

• Center for Leadership development

• Faith-Rooted Trainings

• Innovation grants

• Group Purchasing Services

3. Strengthening Individuals and Families at the Ground Level

Millions of New Yorkers struggle to meet basic needs every day. to assist families and individuals facing financial hardship, FPWA provides a range of financial assistance grants through its member network of 170 human services agencies and faith-based institutions. These cash grants allow FPWA to provide direct support for low-income New yorkers struggling to meet basic needs.

Examples of FPWA in Action

• Youth Supports

• Emergency grants

• Food and Shelter Program

• Senior Stipends


The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (originally known as the Federation of Institutions Caring for Protestant Children) was founded in 1922 to coordinate the efforts of New York’s Protestant child care agencies through a committee of Protestants appointed by the Commissioner of Public Welfare in New York City.

There was a concern about the lack of coordination in the work of institutions for Protestant children. The objectives of the organization were to form an association of agencies interested in the care of dependent, neglected, and delinquent children of Protestant affiliation; to act as a clearing house of information for the community; and, to ensure there was no group of dependents remaining in need of care because of a lack of coordinated efforts.

By 1925, the name of the organization was changed to Federation of Agencies Caring for Protestants, so that agencies other than those caring for children could be admitted to membership

In the 1930s, the organization, seeking to increase access to needed services and expand its programs and services, changed its name to Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA).

Today, we have branched out from our original faith-based membership so that we can provide management assistance, capacity building, and advocacy services to nearly 200 member agencies and churches throughout the city’s five boroughs and beyond.