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Strengthening Capacity to Build More Effective and Responsive Organizations

FPWA supports nonprofits, human services organizations and faith-based institutions, by building their capacity to use a trauma-informed and people-centered approach to service delivery, organizational effectiveness, and civic engagement.

Partnering with Human Services Professionals

FPWA’s advocacy work centers on the structural and systemic changes we know are necessary for true economic security for all New Yorkers. FPWA proudly partners with our member organizations and leaders within the human services sector to not only alleviate the conditions of poverty and economic insecurity, but also to create the necessary structural change to finally make opportunity and justice a reality for all communities.

This comes in a variety of mediums and opportunities, including:

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Capacity Building Support for Non-Profits

FPWA provides free trainings, convenings, and written resources aimed at building the capacity of nonprofit and faith-based organizations to take a trauma-responsive and people-centered approach to service delivery.

All of our capacity work is open to anyone and everyone. It is not specific to members.

FPWA Grants

Through our various grant programs, FPWA provides financial support to individuals and organizations. Please note that these grants are only available to FPWA member organizations.

FPWA grant programs include:

  • Educational Opportunity Scholarship
  • Financial Assistance for Aging Adults
  • Holiday Gift and Toy Grants
  • EFSP (Emergency Food and Shelter Program)

When new grant opportunities or application periods become available, we will post them here as well as notify FPWA member organizations directly.

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Become a Member or Donate

Our ability to advocate for New York’s communities and provide support for the nonprofits that help them, depends solely on the financial support from our generous donors and foundations.


Make Your Voice Heard!

Help us create a stronger New York for all! View and sign one of our current petitions.

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Fighting for Human Services Workers

Every day we’re fighting for economic equity, so all New Yorkers have the opportunity to achieve financial stability. In recent years, we fought for and won a $15/hr statewide minimum wage for human service workers, which also led to a $2 million dollar investment from the City of New York to fund the Human Services Career Advancement Scholarship, a landmark program offering eligible human services workers an opportunity to advance in their careers by earning a City University of New York (CUNY) degree or a social work license.

Our Other Work

Supporting community human services isn’t the only way to create lasting change. FPWA works through other means to create a sustainable positive impact on New York communities.

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Research & Analysis-Driven Policymaking and Advocacy

FPWA shapes and execute a policy agenda that is well-informed, evidence-based, and ground in the realities faced by lower income New Yorkers.

Raising Awareness, Educating and Mobilizing for Change

FPWA seeks to educate communities, legislators, and the public at large to drive social change and create a more just and equitable society.

Program and Practice Testing to Inform Policy Change

FPWA draws on the knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned on-the-ground to inform policy and systems-level change.

Get in Touch

Have a question you can’t find the answer to here? Need to contact an FPWA Board member or an FPWA staff member? Reach out to us!

Fulfilling the
Promise of

FPWA has recently been receiving claims from members of the public emailing and calling our offices that individuals posing as FPWA agents have contacted them claiming that in order for the recipient to claim grant monies from FPWA they must first send the agent personal information, a cell phone number, gift card codes or money.

FPWA does not use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), text messages or direct phone contact to solicit, review, or make awards. FPWA staff will not call or message you requesting money in order to be eligible for an award.

Further, FPWA does not make grants directly to individuals. FPWA works with its member agency partners and other reputable community-based organizations to direct support to families and individuals in our community.

If you or someone you know has been contacted by someone posing to be an “FPWA Agent” or staff person requesting money to release a grant, please do the following:

If you have questions prior to reporting your incident, view the IC3 FAQs for more information.

Learn more about Facebook Scams from the BBB