FPWA Statement on FY 2025 New York State Budget

For Immediate Release

April 22, 2024


Rachel Noerdlinger, rnoerdlinger@actumllc.com

Emma Brodsky, ebrodsky@actumllc.com

FY25 New York State Budget Improves Human Services, but the Work Continues to Address Income Inadequacy and Cost of Living Challenges

The FY25 budget sees commitments to human service wage enhancements, but perpetuates inequity by not dealing with true cost of living

New York, NY (April 22, 2024) – In response to the passage of New York State’s FY 2025 Executive Budget, Jennifer Jones Austin, CEO and Executive Director of FPWA, issued the following statement:

“New York State’s FY25 budget demonstrates the strength of coordinated advocacy for crucial human services. The $237 billion budget makes strides toward uplifting marginalized New Yorkers, but must go further to ensure all New Yorkers can feel economically secure. This year’s budget included a much needed, but still insufficient 2.84% cost of living adjustment for human service workers, approved critical wage protections for home care aides and childcare providers, and provided supplemental child tax credits that will help support New York families. The budget also delivered necessary state aid which will help New York City and other localities meet the needs of schools and new arrivals. Yet while this reflects a step in the right direction, New York must do more to alleviate the burden of living expenses for individuals and families across the state. New York must commit to measuring the true cost of living in order to provide greater support for those experiencing income inadequacy, such as increasing cash assistance and SNAP, while also working to bring down the highest driver of cost for all New Yorkers through greater housing protections. It must do this in a way that recognizes what it takes for individuals and families to feel economically secure, beyond just scraping by on basic needs.

As we look ahead, FPWA remains dedicated to collaborating with policymakers, community leaders, and advocates to advance policies that promote economic security and opportunity for all New Yorkers. Together, we can build a more inclusive and prosperous future for our city and state.”

Stay tuned for detailed analysis by FPWA, highlighting key initiatives in this year’s budget.

About FPWA

FPWA is a leading, anti-poverty policy and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening human services organizations and faith institutions, and advancing economic opportunity and justice for New Yorkers with low incomes. Since 1922, FPWA has driven groundbreaking policy reforms to better serve those in need. We work to dismantle the systemic barriers that impede economic security and well-being, and strengthen the capacity of human services agencies and faith organizations so New Yorkers with lower incomes can thrive and live with dignity.

Find out more at fpwa.org, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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