2023 Gift & Toy Grant Application

Application Instructions

FPWA is proud to launch the 2023 Gift & Toy Grant! This grant provides support to FPWA Member Agencies serving children and youth, ages 0-18. The funds must be used by December 31, 2023, and are for the sole purpose of purchasing gifts and toys for children and youth served by your program or organization.  

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Eligibility and Program Guidelines  

  • To apply, your organization must be an FPWA member and up-to-date on annual membership dues.  
  • Only one application per organization will be accepted. It is your responsibility to distribute the funds amongst multiple program sites, if applicable. 
  • This is an allocational grant, which means that funds awarded will be determined by the following factors: 
  • The number of eligible organizations that apply. 
  • Your organization’s annual operating budget. 
  • The number of children and/or youth served by your program/organization. 

Spending and Reporting Guidelines 

  • Funds must be used for the sole purpose of providing gifts to youth (ages 0-18), who are receiving services from your organization. 
  • All funds must be spent by December 31, 2023. 
  • All purchases must be documented – please keep original receipts. 
  • A grant report documenting the number of gifts purchased, number of children/youth served, and age groups served, and copies of receipts must be returned to FPWA by January 26, 2024. A reporting template will be emailed to you in advance of the deadline.  

Grant Timeline 

  • October 17, 2023 – Gift & Toy Grant application is released 
  • November 3, 2023 – Grant applications due via online application
  • Week of November 13, 2023 – Grant awards announced  and acceptance letters sent. Grant checks will be mailed on a rolling basis on receipt of signed grant letter. 
  • December 31, 2023– All funds must be spent 
  • January 26, 2024 – Grant report is due. The grant report will be submitted digitally. The link to the grant report template will be emailed to the primary contact person listed on the application.  

How to Apply: 

Applications must be submitted online through the application form found below.

To successfully complete the application, you will need to: 

  • Know your organization’s annual operating budget 
  • Upload a copy of your organization’s W-9 
  • Identify the number of children served in each of the following age-range categories (the form will calculate the total for you): 
    • Ages 0-2 
    • Ages 3-5 
    • Ages 6-9 
    • Ages 10-12 
    • Ages 13-15 
    • Ages 16-18 
  • Provide a short description of how your organization plans to use the grant funds. 
  • Identify a “point of contact” within your organization who will be responsible for receiving communications regarding your grant application, including the grant report. The point of contact must sign the application form. 
  • Provide contact information for the head/leader of your organization who will be responsible for signing the award letter, should your organization be selected for a grant. This person must also sign the application form. 
  • Submit the application by the deadline of November 3, 2023. Applications received after this date may not be considered.  


If you have any questions about your FPWA membership status or about completing the application, please contact membership@fpwa.org.


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FPWA has recently been receiving claims from members of the public emailing and calling our offices that individuals posing as FPWA agents have contacted them claiming that in order for the recipient to claim grant monies from FPWA they must first send the agent personal information, a cell phone number, gift card codes or money.

FPWA does not use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), text messages or direct phone contact to solicit, review, or make awards. FPWA staff will not call or message you requesting money in order to be eligible for an award.

Further, FPWA does not make grants directly to individuals. FPWA works with its member agency partners and other reputable community-based organizations to direct support to families and individuals in our community.

If you or someone you know has been contacted by someone posing to be an “FPWA Agent” or staff person requesting money to release a grant, please do the following:

If you have questions prior to reporting your incident, view the IC3 FAQs for more information.

Learn more about Facebook Scams from the BBB