Overview & Eligibility 

FPWA has been assisting New Yorkers with scholarships for over 30 years and we are pleased to announce our Educational Opportunity Scholarships for the 2024-25 school year. 

These scholarships are designed to assist low-income New Yorkers in attaining the degree and/or training necessary to ensure their economic security, especially in areas where other scholarship opportunities are lacking. In partnership with our member agencies, we have identified several educational funding gaps. As a result, scholarship funding will be reserved for applicants who are:

  • Entering either their Junior or Senior year of a 4-year College or University (or qualify as a college Junior or Senior based on credits earned); or  
  • Entering their final year of an associate degree program; or   
  • Participating in a vocational or trade school; or 
  • Entering any year of graduate school 


To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must reside in one of New York City’s five boroughs, but may be attending a school in any city or state. They must be referred by a staff member of an FPWA member agency/organization and be a current or former client of that agency/organization.

The referring staff member commits to serving as the student’s “advocate,” which entails supporting the student in completing the online application and completing at least one check-in with them per semester (more information on check-ins can be found below).

FPWA will offer a total of 20 Educational Opportunity Scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each. Scholarship funds can be used to support a variety of education-related needs of the student’s choosing (e.g. tuition, books, testing fees, etc.). 


Applications must be submitted via this online form by Friday, June 7, 2024. Applicants will be notified about acceptance on Friday, July 12, 2024. 

Application Requirements 

The advocate should work with the student to complete the online application which includes: 

(Click each heading below to expand)

Minimum 200 words, maximum 350 words: 

  • What has led you to this point in your educational journey? What are you passionate about? Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself, your experience and/or your community? 
  • In what ways are you involved in your community (at school, at home, or wherever you find community) and/or social justice movement(s)?  
  • What are your educational and/or professional aspirations? (If you don’t know your exact career goals, that’s okay! We’d love to learn about areas you’re interested in pursuing professionally or learning more about.) 

Minimum 50 words, maximum 200 words: 

  • In what areas do you feel that the scholarship funds would be most beneficial (e.g. tuition, books, room/board, etc.)?

(Reminder: The college, vocational/trade, or graduate school can be located outside of New York)  

Proof of residency includes: 

  • NYC ID 
  • NY State ID/Driver’s License or Permit 
  • Passport 
  • Other government issued photo ID 
  • Any official document or piece of mail that has your name and address (ex: utility/credit card/phone bills, lease agreement, bank statement, etc.) 

Valid photo ID includes:  

  • NYC ID 
  • NY Driver’s License or Permit 
  • Passport 
  • Other government issued photo ID 

The recommendation letter should focus on the following questions: 

  • For how long, and in what capacity, has the advocate known the applicant? 
  • In what ways is the applicant involved with the member agency? 
  • What are the applicant’s professional goals and how does their education and/or training program bring them closer to achieving those goals? 
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about the applicant?

Proof of enrollment for the Fall 2024 semester. If this is not available at the time your application is submitted, your application will still be considered. If you are selected, proof of enrollment must be provided before scholarship funds can be released. Proof of enrollment can include (choose one): 

  • Verification letter from the school 
  • Course schedule for Fall 2024 
  • Bursar’s receipt

A copy of your most recent transcript. This is to verify status as a junior or senior. Please note, grades will not be considered in the scholarship application or affect an applicant’s likelihood of being selected. 

Proof of enrollment for Summer or Fall 2024 Course/Programming. Proof of enrollment can include (choose one): 

  • Receipt of payment for program/course 
  • Verification letter from the program


Advocate Support & Wellness Checks 

By referring a student to this scholarship, the advocate commits to conducting at least one “wellness check” by phone or in-person each semester. The wellness checks serve as a space to resolve challenges, celebrate accomplishments, and provide extra support for students to successfully advance to the next level in their educational and professional journey. After the wellness check, advocates will be asked to submit a brief form recording the students’ answers to a series of guiding questions provided by FPWA. 

  • Fall 2024 wellness checks will be completed in October/November 
  • Spring 2025 wellness checks will be completed in April/May 

PLEASE NOTE: If at any time during the 2024-25 school year the referring advocate leaves the agency, we ask that they inform us, designate a new staff member to serve as the student’s advocate for the remainder of the year, and provide us with the new advocate’s contact information prior to leaving the agency. 

Information Session (Virtual) 

We are holding an additional virtual information session for FPWA member agency staff only to learn about referring an applicant on Monday, May 20th from 11am – 12pm. You may register for this session at the following link: https://bit.ly/44lCS4X 

Taking a Break? No Problem! Save and Resume Your Form at Your Convenience.

Need to take a break while filling out this form? No worries! We offer a “Save and Resume” function that allows you to pick up right where you left off. Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the questions you are looking to fill out.
  • Return back to the top of the form and click the “Save and Resume” link.
  • Enter your email address and create a password. This information will be used to access your saved progress.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to resume your form.
  • Click the link in your email to return to the form and use the email and password you set to load your saved program and pick up where you left off.
  • Remember: Your saved progress will expire after a certain period of time (typically a few days). Be sure to submit your completed form before the deadline!


If any aspects of the application are unclear, or if at any time during this process any questions arise, please contact the Programs Team at programs@fpwa.org. 


Applications must be submitted via this online form by Friday, June 7, 2024. Applicants will be notified about acceptance on Friday, July 12, 2024. 


| Resume a previously saved form
Resume Later

In order to be able to resume this form later, please enter your email and choose a password.

Recommended Student Information

(In the event we can’t reach you at the phone or email address provided for any reason)
Referring FPWA Member Organization Information

(Please upload as a .pdf, .doc or .docx file)

The application does not require a signature however by clicking submit below, the advocate acknowledges that all the information provided is accurate and true to the best of your abilities.

Upon submission, a notification will be sent to the student to complete the remainder of the application. 

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FPWA has recently been receiving claims from members of the public emailing and calling our offices that individuals posing as FPWA agents have contacted them claiming that in order for the recipient to claim grant monies from FPWA they must first send the agent personal information, a cell phone number, gift card codes or money.

FPWA does not use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), text messages or direct phone contact to solicit, review, or make awards. FPWA staff will not call or message you requesting money in order to be eligible for an award.

Further, FPWA does not make grants directly to individuals. FPWA works with its member agency partners and other reputable community-based organizations to direct support to families and individuals in our community.

If you or someone you know has been contacted by someone posing to be an “FPWA Agent” or staff person requesting money to release a grant, please do the following:

If you have questions prior to reporting your incident, view the IC3 FAQs for more information.

Learn more about Facebook Scams from the BBB