Crowned & Courageous: WOMEN OF COLOR NETWORK

We are excited to launch the Crowned & Courageous: Women of Color Network, a learning community for women of color working within the nonprofit sector.

In spring 2018, the Center for Leadership Development at FPWA successfully launched the Courageous Conversations Leadership Development Series and began a multifaceted discussion about healing practices and how faith leaders, nonprofit staff, and women of color interact with their own trauma and the trauma around them.

This six-month series:

  • Addressed the racial and systemic leadership gap faced by women of color in the nonprofit sector
  • Equipped women of color with tools to develop and better promote their professional skill sets
  • Identified strategic ways in which to discuss racial leadership gap issues with decision makers on an organizational level
  • Provided a space for prerequisite healing from trauma and offer one-on-one coaching opportunities

Participants will explore strategies for successfully overcoming invisibility in the workplace, building a professional brand, and accessing, building and utilizing their network.

Optional 1:1 Coaching

Crowned & Courageous: Women of Color Network will also include an optional one-on-one coaching opportunity with Nichelle Jenkins,  Founder and President of NLJGroup and facilitator of previous Courageous Conversations work. Coaching with Nichelle Jenkins provides individualized executive coaching services tailored specifically for women and women of color leaders.  Each in-person or telephone session will be scheduled for 40 minutes and typically lasts 30 minutes. Coaching:

  • Compassionately centers past and current trauma particularly experienced by women and women of color leaders;
  • Considers the disproportionate impact of mission-driven work on women and women of color on their capacity to lead and overall well-being;
  • Co-creates with clients the sacred space necessary for them to boldly fashion holistic tools that will support them as they chart course toward their highest selves.

Please contact Program Manager Nakia Johnson with any questions.

Meet Our Coach-in-Residence Nichelle Jenkins

Nichelle is the Founder and President of NLJGroup, a New York City-based consulting and coaching company that supports nonprofit leaders and values-driven organizations with a special emphasis on supporting women and women of color leaders in nonprofit and faith-based organizations.  

Nichelle is a strategist, coach, and change agent with deep expertise across multiple disciplines. Her approach leverages her successful 15-year career as a litigation attorney at government agencies and top private firms; ministry 

experience in urban multicultural congregations; and leadership in higher education administration at renowned graduate school of theology. She keeps her eye on the long-term goal and business objectives top of mind. She is careful and decisive and equally adept at guiding solutions from front as well as behind. Clients have praised her ability to anticipate obstacles and devise creative alternatives to execute per plan. Nichelle is also an inspiring public speaker and communicator.  She adroitly asks the key questions that reveal the answers that lie within and delivers rousing calls to action that help encourage peak performance. 


Nichelle has a B.B.A. from Iowa State University, a J.D. from University of Illinois, an LL.M. from John Marshall Law School, and a M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.  

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