FPWA FY 16 Budget Initiatives

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The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA) advocates for budget initiatives that support its vision of building a city of equal opportunity. Through the following budget priorities for FY 2016, we aim to reduce poverty, advance upward mobility and create shared prosperity.


FPWA_Advocacy_Day_May_12_2015_79551. Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative
Enhance the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative to $2.34 million. The New York City Worker Cooperative Coalition greatly appreciates the City Council’s investment of $1.2 million in the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative in the FY 2015 adopted budget. We urge the City Council to enhance the funding to $2.34 million for FY 2016. This enhancement will provide for the start-up of 29 new worker cooperative small businesses with positions for 295 new worker-owners, assist 30 existing cooperatives, and provide for outreach to 1,560 cooperative entrepreneurs.

2. Access Health NYC Initiative DSC_0426 Invest $5 million for Access Health NYC. The Access Health NYC Initiative is designed to address the lack of resources in capacity building for culturally and linguistically appropriate education, and outreach efforts within our health care system. The funding will support lead agencies to fund, train, monitor, evaluate and provide technical assistance to immigrant serving community-based organizations (CBOs). Nearly 80% of the funds will be re-granted to CBOs to conduct at least 30 education and outreach events targeting people who are uninsured, newly insured, speak English as a second language, are disabled or homeless, were formerly incarcerated and identified as LGBTQ. In addition, 10 citywide training events/ town hall meeting will be conducted and a hotline will be available to provide consumer assistance.

3. Day Laborer Workforce InitiativeFPWA_Advocacy_Day_May_12_2015_8112 Invest $365,000 into the expansion and development of day laborer centers across the five boroughs. The Day Laborer Workforce Coalition estimates that there are currently 8,000-10,000 day laborers in New York City. Investment in this initiative will support the expansion of the existing four day laborer centers to provide services in all five boroughs. These services include dignified physical space for day laborers to meet, referrals to jobs or support services, legal services to address issues such as wage theft, as well as workforce training and development.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Esther Lok or Alexis Posey. Thank you for your support!