March 31, 2018 under Policy, Advocacy & Research

FPWA Statement on FY ’19 State Budget

FPWA greatly appreciates Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature for including $15 million for minimum wage increases for non-profit human services employees in the FY ’19 State Budget. This budget allocation is a significant acknowledgement of both the vital role human services providers play in serving millions of New Yorkers across the state, and the need to stabilize government funding for agencies and staff on the front-lines providing critical, quality care for so many New Yorkers. Though no new funding was allocated for the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program, we are pleased by the addition of nonprofits as eligible entities to access the State and Municipalities Facilities Program, which is funded at $400 million in this year’s budget. We appreciate the Governor and Legislature creating opportunity for nonprofits to access these funds for critical infrastructure investments, which had been accessible to municipalities, schools, fire departments, and libraries.

This budget also reflects the tireless efforts of community agencies and faith-based organizations across the state who have worked with State officials to deliver this vitally needed funding.