September 24, 2018 under Policy, Advocacy & Research

FPWA Statement on Public Charge

Over the weekend, the Trump Administration announced a rule change that would essentially punish immigrants and their families, particularly children, for being poor.

Like so many of the Trump Administration’s past actions, this is an insidious attack on the poor, working families, and on children – forcing people to choose between attaining the services they need to provide for themselves and their families – including food, housing, and healthcare – and being able to live and work in the country. With this action, the Trump Administration is again demonizing low-income people seeking to make a better life for their families and adding to the rolls of poverty in our nation. Additionally, those most impacted by this rule change overall are people of color, further deepening our nation’s racial divide.

FPWA stands united with allies and advocates in the clarion call to reject this divisive proposal and protect families.

Individuals and organizations can submit their questions and comments about the proposed rule to the Department of Homeland Security during the upcoming 60-day comment period. Please visit https://protectingimmigrantfamilies.org/ to learn more about the proposed rule and how to respond.