Watch Our Pushed to the Precipice Policy Briefing

On April 20, 2021 at 11 AM, FPWA hosted a virtual policy briefing about our newest investigative report, Pushed to the Precipice: How Benefits Cliffs and Financial Gaps Undermine the Safety Net for New Yorkers. Our report explores and provides recommendations to eliminate the cliff effect in New York that prevents working families from achieving financial stability. 

We invite you to watch our briefing as we share our report findings and recommendations, consider some proposals to address larger financial gaps, and discuss our next steps in the fight to strengthen the safety net.  

A culmination of a six-month research project, the report bases analysis of benefits cliffs and financial gaps in data from The Self Sufficiency Standard for New York 2021, which FPWA released in March 2021.

The Self Sufficiency Standard provides critical data on the income needed for working-age families in New York to cover their most basic life needs, including childcare but also food, housing, transportation and much more. You can find out more and read the report here >   

Event Panelists: 

Emily Miles, Chief Program & Policy Officer  

Jeanette Estima, Director of Policy 

Zarin Ahmed, Senior Policy Analyst