FPWA statement on the 2020 election

Yesterday’s presidential election was held during one of the most tumultuous moments in our lifetimes, and in the life of the nation. In the midst of a deepening public health crisis, a spiraling economic crisis, and a reinvigorated racism crisis, Americans cast their votes. Today, the election has yet to be declared and the result is far from clear. The sobering news is that our nation is still as divided as it was going into the election, and our path to unity will be arduous. 

Like you, we at FPWA will be watching closely as returns continue to be tabulated. Yet, regardless of the outcome, we are crystal clear on what we need to do. Our nationstate and city will be contending with ongoing crises and recovery, crises that have disproportionately fallen on those who are low-incomeBlack, brown and other persons of color. In this moment, we must be a force for change, advocating for the funding and legislation at all levels of government that will ensure a fair and complete recovery for all people. A recovery that roots out systemic racism, delivering a promise of equality and justice. A recovery that provides all our neighbors the opportunity to prosper and recognizes their inherent dignity  

This is not an easy task; but to hesitate now would be to forfeit our strength. Let us embark with an iron will on this work together and in doing so, make the long-delayed promise of true and lasting equality for all Americans a reality.



Jennifer Jones Austin

CEO and Executive Director