March 11, 2019 under Press Releases & Statements

FPWA Preliminary Analysis of President Trump’s FY 2020 Budget Proposal Reveals it is Likely to Harm NYC’s Most Vulnerable


March 11, 2019, New York, NY – Following the release of President Trump’s proposed fiscal year (FY) 2020 budget, which entails deep cuts in domestic spending priorities, FPWA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Jennifer Jones Austin released the following statement:

“The Administration’s proposed FY 2020 budget makes their misplaced priorities and lack of commitment to the people they serve alarmingly clear. We urge Congress and the White House to reach a new budget agreement that not only reverses course on the planned sequestration cuts but also increases support for the woefully underfunded programs that serve low-to middle-income families in New York City and across the country. These services—when properly funded—strengthen the economy, improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers, and demonstrate that we as a city and nation value opportunity and dignity for all.  Over the next days and weeks, as additional data is made available, FPWA will be releasing analyses of the impact of the Administration’s budget on New York City families using our innovative Federal Funds Tracker tool.”


About FPWA

FPWA is an anti-poverty policy and advocacy organization committed to economic opportunity and upward mobility. Having a prominent New York presence for nearly 100 years, FPWA has long served New York City’s social service sector, providing grants to help individuals and families meet their basic needs, and advocating for fair public policies on behalf of people in need and the agencies that serve them. FPWA’s member network of 170 human-service and faith-based organizations reaches more than 1.5 million people in New York’s communities each year. Join us at: fpwa.org, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.